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Our Vision

We believe in the power of education and the unique potential of every child on the planet.
Our vision is to build an ecosystem of interconnected, inspiring places for learning, empowerment, discovery, collaboration and friendship.

We believe that sharing the experiences of experts and motivational personalities will enhance children's imagination and courage to discover.

An investment in children's education is an investment in the future.
Informed children with open minds and critical thinking abilities will be better prepared to face global challenges and promote a sustainable future for us all.

What we do

ARCHIMEDES outdoor classroom
ARCHIMEDES outdoor classroom

We are building a global network of outdoor classrooms, connected by a web-based platform. Year-round classrooms made of sustainable and natural materials are used for experiential learning in all subjects, but primarily to strengthen children's relationship with nature, understanding of the need for sustainability and understanding of the principles of nature. The same classrooms with identical equipment provide equivalent learning experiences for children in both developed and developed countries. Their interactive collaboration with online input from experts on the topics discussed allow for close learning about other cultures and needs. Educated children are the goal.

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Project description 


Construction of outdoor classrooms made of sustainable materials

We use wood, straw and other natural materials to build our classrooms. The classrooms are equipped with green walls, vermicomposters and a drinking water catchment system. 

Strengthening the relationship with nature

With the help of state-of-the-art technology, children learn in detail about nature not only in their own country, but also about the environment, nature and culture in other countries through online communication and collaboration on projects. 

Connecting classrooms using a web platform

The ARCHIMEDUM.ACADEMY web platform provides an online connection of all classrooms. Using AI, it offers modern methodological materials, a database of schools, advertising and a social network. The main space is given to online student collaboration and interactive video input from experts in different fields. 

Possibility to use the classrooms for various educational activities and workshops

The classrooms are an ideal space for organizing various educational seminars, summer camps, adult education. It can also be used as a summer cinema, space for kindergarten and out-of-school activities

Year-round use of classrooms for experiential learning

Classrooms are used throughout the year for teaching all subjects. The main focus is on the environment and sustainability. With online input from experts from around the world and a variety of specialist topics, children learn through experiences.

Variability of space 

Thanks to the unique design of the retractable staircase and folding benches, you can quickly and easily create a classroom for 36 pupils or a large space for movement activities, group work or suburban camp.

We are actively engaged in the SDGs

The ARCHIMEDES Outdoor Classrooms and Schools Network project is actively engaged in supporting the SDGs, in particular:

1 No Poverty

4 Quality Education

10 Reduced Inequalities

11 Sustainable Cities and Communities13 Climate Action

Regular online seminars and meetings with experts and eminent personalities on sustainability topics are held throughout the network


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